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A list of stones starting with the letter 'A'


Is a stone which promotes brotherhood, and connectivity to all things.  Can be used to diminish unwanted effects or characteristics.  Is a very powerful shielding stone.  Also aids expansion of energy entres.


Is a stone which supports loving care, and allows the verbalisation of inner emotions.  It is a stone which provides courage.  Can be used to treat heart and lung problems, and also throat conditions.


Agates in general tend to aid bravery, longevity, healing and protection.

There are many different types/colours of Agate.

RED: healing

BLACK: success

BLACK + WHITE: defense against physical challenge

BLUE: respite from confllict



STRIPED: physical strength and courage

DENDRITIC: protection, travel, prevents fatigue

BOTSWANA: protection, strengthens sexual energies, eases loneliness, understanding emotion, strengthens immunse system.

LACE: eases depression and despair, encourages support, brings out inner beauty.  (see Bue - Lace Agate in section 'B'.)

MOSS: aura protector, neutralizes fear, meditation, eases pain, aids creativity, visualisation, trust, strength, universal love, is a connector to the spirit guides and nature, is the talisman of gardeners as it increases plants fertility and health.

PLUME: visualisation, creativity, focus, is the stone for job - hunters

FIRE: heals the stomach and nervous system, and also the circuatory disorders.  Clears etheric blockages and energises the aura.  Encourages introspection.  Is a useful stone for treating addictions.  I said to represent absolute perfection.


Is a stone which supports forgiveness.  Alabaster can be used to energise any other stone.  During meditation, it is a stone which is strongly associated and connected with the pyramids.  Can be used to treat heart disorders.


  Generally a stone which deals with regeneration, the nervous system, emotions, spiritual transformation, potential, joy



   Generally used to help soothe the nervous system and to give some relief to those who are suffering from emotional disturbances. Also helps with one's metabolism and growth. Useful when trying to express oneself more clearly. Regulates and improves thinking abilities.

  Generally said to be a stone of truth, honour, communication, and trust.  Amazonite is a stone which enhances intuition, and creative and psychic ability



   Although it may look like one, amber is not really a stone, but the yellow-brown fossilized resin of trees.It is claimed that amber is used to best effect by those who suffer from throat infections, those who have bronchial disorders or those who are prone to asthma or convulsions, also rheumatism, intestinal disorders, earache, bladder trouble, nerves or bone-marrow deficiences. Calming, can absorb negative energy and helps the body to heal itself. Used for making and breaking spells. Helps with depression and suicidal tendancies.



   A purple-coloured quartz used as a semi-precious stone; amethyst is known as a spiritual stone and is used for general healing and meditation. It is said that sleeping with a piece of amethyst beneath one's pillow promotes intuitive dreams and inspired thought. Many healers also consider it useful in the relief of insomnia and to bring serenity in times of grief. Amethyst clears, purifies and helps with any addictions, stress or tension. Also protects against blood disease, toxic effects of substance abuse, acne, neuralgia and fits. Soothes and calms the mind, raises the spirit, rebalances and increases intuitive awareness, protects from negative vibrations. It is a very good idea to have an amethyst cluster in your room because of the cleansing and energizing properties associated with it. It's traditionally believed to protect from drunkenness.

   Induces meditation and devotional state. Develops inner mind. Tranquilizes and inspires peaceful dreaming. Helps with addictions and mental disorders, especially depression. 



Is a powerful combination of Amethyst and Citrine.  Is useful and effective against long term illnesses, and brings insights into the cause of disease.  It clears stress, and calms the mind.  It brings greater strength to meditation.  Has powerful cleansing properties.  It enhances compatability and acceptance of others.  it regenerates the physical body and strengthens the immune system.


Andalusite is a stone which promotes the analysis of ones self - both physical, emotional and intellectual.  It is a stone which which helps the bearer remain grounded.  Helps promote moderation in all things.  Is a useful stone for channeling, bringing clarity and understanding the meaning of any recieved message.



Is one of the 'stones of awareness'.  It is formed from Celestite.  It represents peace and brotherhood.  It fascilitates contact with the angelic realm, and enchances telepathic communication and enables out of body experiences and journeys.  It deepens attunement and heightens perception.  It helps a person to speak the truth.  It has been used to enhance astrological understanding and and to bring deeper understanding to mathematics.  It is a stone which is filled with compassion.  It helps to transmute pain.  In the wearer it creates a deep feeling of peace and tranquility, and helps to connect with universal knowledge and raises awareness.  It can alleviate throat problems and inflamations.  It is a useful stone for weight control.


Is a stone which promotes spiritual growth, and increases awareness of indiviuality.  Is a stone which enhances psychic abilities.  Anyolite has features of spiritual communications and diagnostic healing.  Enhances all energies - including all physical energies.  Anyolite is a stone which can be used to improve heart disorders.


It gives support and strength to the physical body.  Promotes acceptance of the human body as a vessel for the soul.  Helps you face equanimity, and what tomorrow will bring.  Is a useful stone for people who have difficulty in coming to terms with incarnation.  Is a useful stone for treating diseases of the throat.

Apache Tears:

  Generally used for protection, luck, grounding, centuring, and spell involving the promotion of peace.


Has inspirational properties.  It is a stone of manifestation anf promotes a humanitarian attitude.  It helps to develope psychic gifts and spiritual attunement, deepens meditation, raises the Kundalini and self expression.  It increases motivation, and induces openess and social ease, and also encourages extroversion.  It dissolves aloofness and alienation.  It stimualets creativity and intellect.  It expands knowledge and truth, and eases sorrow, apathy and anger.  Heal bones and helps in the creation of new cells.

Apatite comes in two colours:

BLUE: good for spiritual guidance.  Helps encourage public speaking and group communication.  Heals the heart and emotional disease.

YELLOW: great eliminator of toxins.  Activates the solar plexus and draws off stagnant energy.  Can be used to treat lethargy and depression, and helps improve concentration, inefficient learning and poor digestion.  Removes cellulite, treats the liver, pancreas, gallbladder and spleen.  Yellow Apatite elixir is an appetite suppressant.


Named after the goddess 'Aphrodite'.  Very useful in love magick.  Helps you to open up your heart chakra.  Attracts love.  Promotes fidelity and trust in an established relationship.


Is generally said to be a heart stone.  Aids stamina and strength.



   A water stone for cooling and soothing agitations, infections and pain. Can induce sleep.



A reliable earth healer and grounding stone.  Is highly attuned to the Earth Goddess.  Encourages conservation and recycling.  Can clear blocked ley lines from a great distance.  Stabilizes the base and earth chakras.  Deepens the connection between the holder and the Earth.  Helps you to explore your past.  Helps teach acceptance and patience.  Helps to calm and center.  Help heal bones, calcium absorption, and restores elasticity to discs.


Astrophyllite is a stone which promotes astral travel.  It helps the bearer to place their ego and self esteem in perspective, and helps promote an understanding of self worth.  It assists with the realisation that life is a journey of many parts, and that it is sometimes necessary to eliminate certain things from one's life in order to be able to develop and grow.  It can be used to treat disorders of the reproductive system, and in remedial treatment following any type of seizures.  Helps aid regeneration of cells.


It forcefully opens the third eye chakra, and creates powerful visual images and a strong spiritual connection.  Help stimulate spiritual visions and aids visualisation.  A stone that promotes great clarity.  It restores lost spiritual trust and promotes a connection to higher guidance.  Opens the heart chakra and brings unconditional love into your life.  It purifies the kidneys and removes fear.  Is beneficial to the nervous system.


More info to come.


Is a form of Chalcedony.  Is a Blue/violet stone.  Useful for calming and soothing.  Aids in meditation and visualisation.  It promotes security for the bearer.  Aids psychic awareness.  Helps you to delve into the mythical past.




   Said to be useful in relieving migraine and in soothing the eyes. A traditional method of using this stone is to leave it in water overnight and to use the water the following day to bathe the eyes. Aventurine water made in this way can also be used for bathing irritations of the skin. Aventurine is a soother and relaxes one for a better nights sleep. It also relieves tension and shock, improves vitality and equilizes blood pressure. Encourages creativity, gives the wearer courage, independance, calmness and serenity. Gives adventure and luck in sport and love.

   General healing, dissolves unhealthy thoughts and reflects healing.  

   There are several types/colours of Aventurine:

GREEN: healing, soothing, balancing, enhances intelligence, increases oppurtunities and motivation, luck, love and prosperity.

BLUE: healing, increases visionary powers and perceptions, stimulates creativity and expression, heart.

BLUE/GREEN: healing, soothing, balancing, heart, throat, communication, love.

ORANGE: healing, joy, dissolves creative blocks, heals sexual trauma, independance, originality.


A new age stone.    It expands your conciousness.  Aids spiritual evolution.  Helps facilitate meditation.  Is a stone of vision and inspiration.  Helps you to see the future.  Helps to treat cancer, cellular disorders and immflammation.


   A third eye opener. Stimulates visual images.