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On this page you find out some of my beliefs and opinions on just about anything.


I believe that as Wiccans we should be tolerant to all those around us.  We should accept that not every one has the same views and opinions as us, and therefore should accept their beliefs, and not criticise.  I believe that it is wrong to criticise a person just because they have different religious beliefs, or a different skin colour or different sexual preferences to yourself. 


The Environment
I believe that the environment found around us is sacred and special and therefore should be protected.  It is wrong to drop litter etc. because that will damage the enivronment. 


Women's Rights
During my studys of British History at A Level, I have become very interested in the Suffragette movement.  I see the Suffragettes as remarkable women who worked and persevered extremely hard for their cause of universal Women's Suffrage.  I admire these women greatly for their courage, determination and perseverance.  I think it was wrong that the British Governement denied women the right to vote for such a long period of time, and that they saw women as being second class citizens to men.   I think that the way the Government treated the Suffragettes, especially those in prison who they forced fed, was an atrocious way to behave.  I think that women and men should be classed as equals in society, and today, I think that we are nearer this aim than ever before.