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Below is a list of definitions of words found on this page, and also, words that apply to the studying of Wicca.

ACOLYTE: a beginner.
AEROMANCY: the practice of divination through the examination of the air and sky.
AFFIRMATION: the power of positive thinking.
AIR: one of the 5 elements.
AKASHA: the fifth and most important element.  aka. spirit, ether. 
ALCHEMY: the science of transformation.
ALEXANDERIAN TRADITION: a Wiccan tradition which came from the teachings of Alex Sanders.
ALMANAC: a calendar of months and days relating to the stars and planets.
ALTARS: aka. shrines, is your main working area during a ritual.
ALTAR CLOTH: is a special piece of material which is used to cover/decorate
your altar, at all times, or just during a ritual.
AMULET: an item, usually a necklace or pendant, whcih has been m,agickally charged to ward off negative energies.
ANKH: egyptian symbol of eternal life, rebirth and fertility.  Associated with Isis.
APPARITION: a vision of a ghost/spirit.
ARCANA: secret or mysterious knowledge.
ASPECTING: any advanced magickal activity in which a practitioner manifests a particular aspect of the Goddess or God, in thought, feelings, behavior, appearance
ASTRAL PROJECTION: out of body travel.
ATHAME: is a black handled knife, used solely for ritual work. 
AUGUR: a sign of future events.
AUGURY: divination based on signs and omens.
AURA: the energy field of the human body, visible to the third eye and those with psychic vision.
AUTUMNAL EQUINOX: a time when night and day are equal length.
AVALON: the mystical Isle of the Dead.
AVATAR: the appearance of a deity in animal form.
BALEFIRE: a fire usually lit outdoors, which is used for magickal purposes - traditionally at Yule and Beltaine.
BANISH: to forcefully drive away negative or evil energies.
BARROW: an ancient Celtic burial place. 
BELLS: used to magickally cleanse and purify an area which is going to be used for ritual purposes.
BELTAINE: aka. May Day, is a time to rejoice in the sun.  Is a fertility festival. 
1st May.
BIND: to restrict someones powers.
BOLINE: aka. Burin, a white handled used for cutting herbs, cords and inscribing
BOOK OF SHADOWS: is a journal of your magickal journey.  Is a sacred book, which every Wiccan should have.
BOWL: used primarily for scrying.
BLESSED BE: this is a traditional Witches Greeting.
BROOM: aka. Besom, used for magickally cleaning the working area of a ritual.  Usually made from wood.  Often used in handfasting rituals.
CAKES AND WINE/ALE: a ritual meal shared between the Goddess and the God, near the end of a ritual.
CALLING THE QUARTERS: invitation for the 4 elements - Earth, Air, Fire, Water - to join a ritual.
CANDLEMAS: imbolc.
CARDINAL POINTS: North, East, South and West.  Can be marked by coloured candles of green, red, yellow, blue.
CARTOMANCY: a form of divination using cards.
CATHARSIS: the release of magickal energies at the height/climax of a ritual.
CAULDRON: is used during many magickal rituals.  Can be used for scrying, and is a feminine tool.
CELTIC KNOT: a piece of celtic artwork created from a single unbroken line.  They represent nature of eternity and the Universe.
CENSER: is an incense burner, used to burn the incense offered to deities during a ritual.
CENTERING: balancing your energies through meditation and breathing excercises.
CHAKRAS: are areas of energy in the body.  There are seven main chakra points on the body.  Can be opened through meditation.
CHALICE: is used in ritual to hold the wine.  Is symbolic of the womb.  Represents the Goddess.
CHANNELING: guiding, transmitting or directing energy or power.
CHARGING: filling an object of your choice with power.  Items that can be charged include athames, gem stones, herbs, jewellry etc.
CHARM: something which protects the bearer from evil.
CIRCLE: most ritual work in Wicca is done within a magickal circle.  Used to form a ring of protection around the practitioner.
CONE OF POWER: energy raised during a ritual.
CONSECRATION: the act of creating sanctity/purity.  Most Wiccan items, especially the Book of Shadows should all be consecrated.
CORDS: type of special ropes used during specific rituals.
COVEN: the name given to a group of Wiccans.  Usually lead my a High Priestess and Priest.  Traditionally a coven would have 13 or more members.
COVENSTEAD: the meeting place of a coven.
COWAN: a once derogotary term for a non witch.
COYOTE ENERGY: trickster energy.
CRAFT, THE: another name which Wicca is known by.
CRONE, THE: the last stage of the Goddess, in her triple aspect.
CURSE: negative energy brought or directed towards a certain person.  Usually used to create bad luck or pain to said person.
DARK MOON: when the Moon is totally elipsed by the Earths shadow.
DEDICATION: same as initiation.
DEITIES: are the Gods and Goddesses worshipped in WIcca and other religions.
DEOSIL: clockwise - sunwise.
DIVINATION: name given to all forms of predicting the future.
DRAWING DOWN THE MOON: taking in the moons energies.
DRUID: a group of Celtic people who saw nature as the divine.  Followed a religion similar to that of Paganism.
EARTH: one of the 5 elements.
ECLECTIC: a Wiccan tradition which is based on the various belief systems of Wicca.
ELEMENTS: Air, Fire, Water and Earth.  Are the things that make up nature.
ELF: a mischevious fairy.
ELIXIR:  water charged by a crystal.  Elixirs can be made more powerful if made during full moons or sabbats.
EMPOWERING: moving energy into a specific object, usually done during a ritual.
EOSTRE: Is the Spring Equinox.  21st March.
EQUINOX: the two times in any one year where day and night are equal.
ESBAT: this is the word given to the celebration of the full moons.
EVOCATION:  the calling up of spirits and other non - physical deities.
EXORCISM: expelling a demon or negative energy from a person, animal or property.
EYE OF HORUS: a symbol of protection against evil spirits and of seeing spirits.
FAMILIAR: an animal, either a pet or spiritual entity, which will help and guide you through your magickal journey.
FAST: to purify body and mind.
FIRE: one of the 5 elements.
FUTHARK: runic alphabet.
GAIA: mother Earth.
GARDNERIAN WICCA: a tradition of Wicca desnceded from the teachings of Gerald Gardner.
GLYPH: a talisman, which bears the name and date of birth of the wearer, which will protect the wearer from ill luck.
GNOMES: an "entity" or "elemental" that is closely associated with the Earth element.
GNOSTICISM: a religious movement which believes in the intuitive spiritual knowledge.
GOD: is the name given to the male deity in Wicca.
GODDESS: is the name given to the female deity of Wicca.
GREEN MAN: another name for the God - particularly while he is in his fertility aspect.  Is seen as a champion and environmentalist.
GRIMOIRE:  is a magickal workbook/diary similar to the Book of Shadows.
HADES: is the Greek God of the Underworld.
HAG: the crone aspect of the Goddess.
HANDFASTING: a Wiccan Rite of Passage - is the name given to a Wiccan Wedding, and the eternal joining of two people.
HANDPARTING: similar to a divorce, where the ties created in a Handfasting are symbolically cut.
HEDGEWITCH: a witch who practices alone, according to their own beliefs.  A hedgewitch will be very involved with nature.
HERB: any plant used in magic.
HERBALISM: the art of using and working with herbs to achieve a desired result.
HEREDITARY WITCH: a person who has inherited their craft from a closely linked family member.
HIGH PRIEST: the male leader of a coven.
HIGH PRIESTESS: the female leader of a coven.
IMBOLC: represents the quickening of Light and Life.  1st February.
INITIATION: a process where a person is initiated into a coven.  Self initiation is when you personally initiate yourself into the Wiccan religion.
INVOCATION: an appeal or petiton to a higher power - such as deities.  Is like a form of prayer.
JUJU: an African magickal charm.
KUNDALINI: is a type of meditative concentration. aka, chakra meditation.
LABRYS: a symbol of the Goddess.  Is a double headed axe, commonly found in ancient Crete.
LAW OF THREE: a Wiccan belief that all our deeds, whether good or bad, will come back to us three fold.
LITHA: Is the Summer Solstice.  21st June.
LUGHNASADH: Is the first festival of the harvests.  1st August.
MABINOGI: traditionally a set of 4 welsh folk tales.
MEGALITH: a huge stone momument or structure which can be used for religious purposes e.g. Stonehenge.
MENHIR: an ancient single standing stone.
MODRON: is the Autumanal Equinox.  21st September.
NECKLACE: represents the power of the Goddess, and the circle of rebirth.  Most commonly tend to be made from Amber.
NEW MOON: when the Moon is completely covered by the earth's shadow.
OGHAM ALPHABET: is the sacred driud alphabet.  Based on certain trees.
OIL BURNER: used to burn oils offered to deities during a ritual.
OLD ONES, THE: Wiccan name given to the Goddess and God.
OLD RELIGION: another name given to the Craft.
PENDULUM: a divinatory device usually made out of a quartz crystal, and a thick piece of string or a chain.
PENTACLE: is another of the most recognised symbols of Wicca.  It has the form of a 5 pointed star, but is not surrounded by a circle.
PENTAGRAM: is one of the most universally recognised symbols of Wicca.  Has the shape of a 5 pointed star inside a circle.
POLARITY: concept of equals/opposites e.g. Yin Yang.
POLYTHEISTIC: a religion - like Wicca - that does not adhere to any one deity.
PRAYER: when you focus all our energy and wishes onto one single deity.
QABALA: a body of occult knowledge which is said to contain all of the secrets of the universe.
REINCARNATION: the name given to the rebirth of a person into a different form, after they have died.
RITE: another name given to a ritual.
RITUAL: a time when we offer gifts, prayers, and worship deities or nature.  Is a special/sacred ceremony.
ROBES: a special garment which is saved specifically for spell working.  Can be made from any colour or material. 
RUNES: an ancient form of Scandinavian divination.  Consists of 25 letters.
SABBATS: make up the wheel of the year.  Are the eight special festivals celebrated in Wicca.
SALAMANDER: an entity that is closely associated with the Fire element.
SAMHAIN: aka. Hallowe'en, is the Death Festival, and marks the descent of Winter.  31st October.
SCOURGE: is a tool of discipline, and can be used to generate energy.
SCRYING: the technique of focusing thought onto a magickal tool such os a mirror or bowl of water, in order to recieve an image or message.
SEPHIROTH: spheres on the Tree of Life.  Each sphere represents an aspect of life and spiritual enlightenment.
SOLITARY WICCA: when Wicca is practiced by a single practitioner, alone, without the aid/help of a group/coven.
SOLSTICE: the winter and summer solstices are the shortest and longest days of the year.
SPELL: a form of magickal ritual.
SPIRAL: a symbol of the element spirit.
SPIRIT: one of the 5 elements. aka. akasha.
SUMMERLANDS: the land of the ever young in celtic mythology.  It is also said to be the place were Witches go once they have died.
SWORD: is a tool which is interchangeable with the Athame.  Is a masculine symbol.  A sword is only ever used for cutting the hand fasting cake.
SYLPH: an entity that is closely associated with the element of Air.
TALISMAN: a ritually charged object, usually a cyrstal or other precious gem stone, used to attract a certain force or energy to its bearer, and the ritual work being performed.
TAROT: a set of 72 cards, which are used as a form of predicting the future or learning of our past.  Symbolise different aspects of events, character and influences in our lives. 
TREE OF LIFE: is based on the ancient symbols of the Qabbalah. 
UNDINE: an entity closely associated with the Water element.
WAND: is a tool traditionally made of wood.  Used for opening/closing circles, to draw symbols on the ground, direct energy, and invoke deities.
WANING MOON: the shrinking cycle of the moon.
WATER: one of the 5 elements.
WAXING MOON: the growing cycle of the moon.
WICCA: is a nature based, neo - pagan religion based on the pre Christian traditions of Britain.
WIDDERSHINS: anti - clockwise.
WITCH: is the name given to a person who practices Wicca, or Witchcraft. 
YING YANG: the idea of opposites, found mainly in Chinese Philosophy.
YULE: Is the Winter Solstice.  21st December.

this page is constantly being updated so keep checking back for more definitions of Wiccan terms. Vicki x