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A list of stones starting with the letter 'J'


   A pale green gemstone. Jade is said to be of help in relieving kidney complaints, bladder trouble and eye problems. Yellow jade is believed to aid a poor digestion. When worn as a piece of jewellery, jade is thought to provide protection from one's enemies and can be used to protect one on long journeys. Also to attract good luck, for wisdom, long life and a peaceful death. Helps to control dream content or focus. In ancient China and ancient Egypt, it was widely used as a talisman to attract good fortune, friendship and loyalty. 
In general properties of Jade include, granting wisdom, atrracting love, protection, purity, serenity, luck, and prosperity.
Jade comes in several different colours: green, yellow, lilac, black and red.  But green Jade is the most common.


An impure form of natural silica. It is said to be both invigorating and stabilizing, bringing stillness to a troubled mind. It generates an even rhythmic pulse. It is also said to improve the sense of smell and to overcome depression.

Red jasper: is known to contain iron oxide which is used medically to control excessive bleeding and for this reason, it is claimed it can be useful in overcoming disorders of the blood.  Used for protection, fairness, justice, stabilizing and balancing, enhances responsibilty, choice, compassion, recalling dreams.

Brachiated Jasper: used for animal healing, animal communication, grounding.
Leopard Skin Jasper: aids in service to others, grounding, protection during travel
Yellow Jasper: strength and balance in social areas, protection during travel, shields negativity, protects from depression.

Green Jasper: strength, balance.