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A list of herbs starting with the letters 'M' and 'N'

MACE: psychic powers, creativity, intellect.
MANDRAKE: protection, fertility, love, health, money.
MARIGOLD: prophesy, love, clairvoyence, dreams, personal energy.
MARJORAM: protection, love, healing, wealth.
MASTIC: love, power, psychic awareness.
MEADOWSWEET: protection, love, balance, harmony.
MILK THISTLE: strength, aids in making wise choices.
MINT: fortune, justice, travel, exorcism, protection, prosperity, healing, luck.
MISTLETOE: fertility, protection, love, exorcism.
MOTHERWORT: children, love.
MUGWORT: clairvoyence, protection, astral projection, psychic dreams.
MUELIN: courage, protection, love, divination, exorcism, health, determination.
MUSTARD: health, protection, fertility.
MYRRH: peace, purification, protection, exorcism, healing, meditation.
MYRTLE: love, money, riches, peace, creativity.
NETTLE: protection, healing, courage, exorcism, lust.
NUTMEG: clairvoyence, prosperity, fidelity, health.