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To be used in ritual and magickal workings.  In general, odd numbers are related to women, receptive energy and the Goddess; even numbers to men, projective energy, and the God.

- 1 - The Universe; The One; the source of all.
- 2 - the Goddess and God; the perfect duality; projective and receptive energy; the couple; personal union wth deity; interpenetration of the physical and spiritual; balance.
- 3 - the Triple Goddess; the lunar phases; the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of our species.          (SATURN)
- 4 - The Elements; the spirits of the stones; the winds, the seasons.   (JUPITER)
- 5 - The senses; the pentagram; the elements plus akasha; a Goddess number.   (MARS)
- 6 - (SUN)
- 7 - The planets that the ancients knew; the time of the lunar phase; power; protection and magick.    (VENUS)
- 8 - the number of the Sabbats; a number of the God.    (MERCURY)
- 9 - A number of the Goddess.  (MOON)
- 13 - The number of esbats; a fortunate number.
- 15 - A number of good fortune.
- 21 - the number of sabbats and moons in the Wiccan year; a number of the Goddess.
- 101 - the number of fertility.