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Dianic wicca is a relatively new form of Wicca.  The religion was founded in America in the 1960's, by Zsuzsanna Budapest who originated from California.  Dianic Wicca is solely a feminist religion which only accepts women, and no males are allowed into the religion.  Dianic Wiccans worship only female Goddesses / Deities, they do not invoke any Gods during their magickal workings. 
Many members of the Dianic Tradition are active members of the feminist movements.  They fight for equalilty between men and women, and fight against the oppression of women's rights.
The Goddess Diana is one of the most influencial deities in Dianic Wicca, hence the name.  Diana has been worshipped as an important deity for thousands of years.  She was a deity who originated as a Roman Goddess.