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Information on the properties, associations and uses of candles.  Also on how to chose and make your own candles.


WHITE: protection, peace, purity, truth, sincerity.
            Can be substituted for any other candle.
RED: love, passion, energy, enthusiasm, courage, strength, health, vigour.
PINK: emotional love, friendship, affection, harmony, love, honour, goodness, morality, romance, spiritual awakening.
MAGENTA: quick changes, spiritual healing, exorcism.
BURGUNDY: love, concentration, healing, increase and energise powers.
LIGHT BLUE: health, healing, meditation, tranquility, forgiveness, patience, understanding, peace.
DARK BLUE: impulsiveness, change, depression.
BLACK: absorbs negativity and evil, banishes illness, breaks hexes, exorcism, bindng, loss, confusion, discord.
Black is attributed to Saturn.  (Saturn is used for retribution.)
YELLOW: clarivoyence, learning, studying, intellect, divination, attraction, mental powers, confidence, charm, persuasion.
This colour attracts cosmic influences.
DARK GREEN: success, marriage, generosity, renewal, healing, money, luck, prosperity, fertility, wealth.
This colour attracts all things ruled by Venus.
LIGHT GREEN: emotional healing, calming and protection.
ORANGE: strength, attraction, authority, joy, success, adaptability, encouragement, luck, stimulation, communication.
Orange is ruled by Mercury.  Works well when 2 people wish to have their telepathic senses opened together.
PEACH: gentle strength and joy.
PURPLE: spirituality, wisdom, psychic awareness, power, ambition, tension, business progress, healing, deadly diseases, boost magickal powers, honour, respect, recognition of others.
LAVENDER: intuition, dignity, spiritual shield
INDIGO: used in meditation and rituals which demand the use of Saturn.  Deep meditation, balancing Karma, stopping gossip, astral projection.
Aries - Red
Taurus - Green
Gemini - Yellow
Cancer - Silver
Leo - Orange
Virgo - Yellow
Libra - Pink
Scorpio - Red
Sagitarius - Purple
Capricorn - Black
Aquarius - any colour
Pisces - Mauve
An absent coven member can be represented by a candle representing their sun sign, or, if you are doing a spell for someone you can represent that person with a candle representing their sun sign.
~ Chose a plain candle, of uniform shape.  Having unusual or large candles can be distracting and are therefore not suitable for magickal use.
~ Candles used for magick should always be un - used at the start of a ritual.
~ It is a good idea to make your own candles for magickal use, as it will increase the magickal potency of the candle.
~ Charge your candle before using it in a ritual.  This can be done by annointing it with oils associated with the ritual or magick you intend on performing, or by simply touching it and charging it with your own energy.
~ Whilst charging the candel, visualize the North and South poles - rub the oil into the candle starting at either the North or the South end, and always brush in the same direction.
~ The oils used in annointing your candles should, where possible, always be natural fragrances.
~ Try to colour the candles according to the colour associations.
Heat the wax until liquid, and pour it into a a mould which is threaded with a wick.  the wax should now be left to cool, after which the mould can be removed.  Oils and colours can be added to the wax for extra effects.