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What are CHAKRAS?
According to Eastern Indian philosophy, we possess seven major Chakras, or pyschic centers on the body.  Each of these forms a bridge, link or energy transformer; changing pure energy into various forms, and connecting the four bodies together (i.e. spiritual, mental, astral and physical.)  the Chakras are located along the 'nadies'.  Nadies are a network of psychic nerves and channels.
Chakras correspond with major accupuncture points.  The seven major chakras are connected together by three major nadies which are parralel and near to each other.  The middle nadi is called the suchumna and it has neutral characteristics.  The nadi on the left (i.i nearest your left hand) is called the ida nadi, which has yin characteristics.  The nadi onyour right (i.e nearest your right hand) is called the pingala nadi, having yang characteristics.  
Chakras are visible to clairvoyent sight as variously coloured rotating circles or funnels.  In the East they are described as petaled flowers or lotus'.  Where as in Western Shamanism they are devined as Spirit Tunnels. 
There are many minor chakras throughout the body, but the are 7 main ones.  Each Chakra has a colour and a pitch associated with it, which can be used to invoke it.
Chakra Locations and Associations
* Root Chakra *
~ Stone: Red Jasper
~ Colour: a bright shade of RED
~ Pitch: chant 'oohm' in the tone of C while focusing on this area
~ Associations: relates to the element of Earth, and to psychic smell
~ Location: at the base of your spine, at the perineum
* Sexual Chakra *
~ Stone: Carnelian
~ Colour: a clear shade or ORANGE
~ Pitch: chant 'ohm' in the tone of D, while focusing on this area
~ Associations: its dominant element is water, and it is related to psychic taste
~ Location: it is located above and behind the genitals
* Solar Plexus *
~ Stone: Tiger's Eye
~ Colour: a bright sunny YELLOW
~ Pitch: chant 'ahm' in the tone of E, while focusing on this area
~ Associations: associated with emotions, and the element of fire, and also psychic sight (clairvoyence)
~ Location: navel
* Heart Chakra *
~ Stone: Aventurine
~ Colour: bright GREEN or PINK
~ Pitch: chant 'ah' in the tone of F, while focusing in this area
~ Associations: represents the element air, and psychic touch
~ Location: over the heart
* Throat Chakra *
~ Stone: Sodalite
~ Colour: light BLUE
~ Pitch: chant 'ehm' in the tone of G, whilst focusing on this area
~ Associations: corresponds with psychic hearing
~ Location: at the base of the throat
* Third Eye Chakra *
~ Stone: Lapis Lazuli
~Colour: a transparent indigo BLUE
~ Pitch: chant 'eem' to the tone of A, whilst focusing on this area
~ Associations: is the center of psychic powers, and can produce many pstchic effects.  Meditation on this chakra is said to cure nervousness.
~ Location: between and slightly above the eyebrows
* Crown Chakra *
~ Sotne: Amethyst
~ Colour: violet or white
~ Associations: is the 7th chakra.  Is refereed to as the 'thousand petaled lotus' and coresponds with astral projection and enlightenment
~ Location: atop of the head, near the pineal gland
Chakra Location Diagram