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On this page you will find information on 'familiars' or 'animal allies'.

* ADDER, SNAKE (Nathair):
- long been associated with wisdom, reincarnation and cunning.
- seeing a snake on a spiritual journey tells you to prepare to shed something in favour of something greater and better.
* BADGER (Broc):
- a good guide during dreaming.
- is unveilding in the face of danger, and is tenacious and courageous.
- teaches you to fight for your rights and defend your spiritual ideas.
* BAT (Ialtag):
- associated with the Underworld.
- helps you to avoid obstacles and barriers.
* BEAR (Arth):
- associated with strength and stamina.
- helps you to find balance and harmony in your life.
* BEE (Beach):
- is associated with being industrious and single minded in performing tasks.
- is fearless when defending the home.
* BLACKBIRD (Druid - dhubh, Lon Dubh):
- said to impart mystic secrets.
- the song of the blackbird puts listeners into a sleep/trance which enables the listener to go to the Otherworld.
* BOAR (Bacris, Torc):
- known for its cunning and ferocious nature.
- inspires people to write music and poetry.
- important to the art and myths of the celtic people.
* BULL (Tarbh):
- symbolises strength and potency.
* BUTTERFLY (Dealan - De):
- butterflys are said to be the souls of the dead and the keepers of power.
- teach you to free yourself from restrictions and to look at problems with greater clarity.
* CAT (Caoit):
- a potent totem creature / animal.
- is a strong protector, especially when in a confrontational situation.
* COCK (Coileach):
- chases away ghosts and other night terrors.
- represents the power of the word to dispel negativity.
* COW (Bo):
- sacred to the Goddess Brigit.
- symbolises contentedness, defends the inner child and provides for daily needs.
* CRANE (Corr):
- a moon bird, sacred to the Triple Goddess.
- represents magick, shamanic travel, learning and keeping secrets, reaching deeper mysteries and truths.
* CROW (Badb, Rocas):
- a symbol of conflict and death.
- an ill / bad omen associated with such Goddesses as Macha, Badb and Morrigan.
- skillful, cunning, single - minded, bringer of knowledge.
- of value when trickery is needed.
- teaches you to learn from the past, but not hold onto it.
* DEER (Fialch) / STAG (Sailetheach, Damh):
- a messenger from the Otherworld.
- leads humans into contact with supernatural beings.
- represents keen scent, grace swiftness and gentleness.
* DOG (Abach, Madadh) / HOUND (Cir):
- Underworld Hounds run down and punish the guilty.
- represents trackning skills, ability to scent a trail, and companionship.
- associated with sea deities.
- deals with dreams and harmony.
- recognises and balances the rhythms of your body woth those of nature.
* DRAGON (Piastras (paystha), Horm):
- represented a water serpent or worm shaped beast.
- considered a benevolent dweller of caves, lakes and inner earth.
- symbol of wealth, power of the elements especially earth.
- treasure of the subconcious mind.
- can appear in initiation.
* EAGLE (Iolair, Fireun):
- noted for wisdom and long life.
- represents swiftness, strength, keen sight and the knowledge of magick.
- helps you to see the hidden spiritual truths.
* EEL (Eas - Ganu):
- symbolises adaptability, wisdom, inspiration and defense.
* FOX (Madadh - Ruadh, Sionnach):
- cunning and sly.
- makes fools out of those who chase it.
- gives ability to watch the motivations and movements.
* FROG (Losgrinn):
- symbol of shamanism and magick.
- teaches you to leap between different levels of consciousness.
- helps you to find courage to accept new ideas and find connections between new ideas.
- helps you to nurture yourself.
- very protective.
- symbolises great power and magick.
- teaches you to combine various positive traits in strength, yet teaches you to maintain discretion.
- helps you to see the truth.

This page is slowly being updated so keep checking back for more information on familiars.  Vicki x