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Information on the properties of oils.

Base Oils

Tea Tree

ANGELLICA SEED: stress, skin, night time, digestive upsets
ALLSPICE: money, luck, healing, prosperity, physical energy
ANISE: protection, sleep, pruification, awareness, joy, psychic enhancement.
BASIL: protection, love, wealth, healing relationships, courage, ensuring faithfulness, fertility, exorcism.
BAY: protection, psychic powers and dreams, purification, strength, healing, repels negativity and evil.
BENZOIN: purification, cleansing, meditation, prosperity, love, peace.
BERGAMOT: prosperity.
BIRCH: protection, purification, repels negativity, exorcism.
BLACK PEPPER: stimulating, aphrodisiac.
CAJEPUT: muscle ease, focussing, feet, improves mood, resistance to infection, un - winding, antiseptic, nose.
CAMPHOR: divination, dream magick, lunar, soothing.
CASSIA: purification, prosperity, wealth, lust, stimulation.
CEDARWOOD VIRGINIA: purification, love, money, healing, protection, psychic powers.
CHAMOMILE: calming, relaxant, de - stresses, skin.
CINNAMON LEAF: spiritual quests, power, love, success, lust, psychic work, healing, cleansing, protection, clairvoyence.
CITRONELLA: purification, repellants.
CLARY SAGE: immortality, longevity, protection, wisdom, wishes, balancing, cleansing.
CLOVE: money matters, vision, exorcism, love, protection, cleansing, purification.
CORIANDER: protection of home, peace, serenity, longevity, love.
CUMIN: prevent theft, protection, fidelity, exorcism.
CYPRESS: longevity, healing, comfort, protection.
DAMIANA: aphrodisiac, stimulant, restoration, lifts spirit.
DRAGONS BLOOD; exorcism, luck, love.
DILL: money, protection, love.
ELEMI: meditation, calming, stress, skin.
EUCALYPTUS: protection, healing.
FENNEL: purification, protection, healing, money.
FRANKINCENSE: protection, blessing, spirtuality, meditation, power, consecration, exorcism.
FRANKINCENSE + MYRRH (50/50 BLEND): protection, blessing, spirituality, meditation, power, consecration, exorcism, peace, purification, healing.
GARLIC: protection, healing, good weather, courage, exorcism, lust.
GERANIUM: fertility, health, love, protection.
GINGER: love, success, power, money.
GRAPEFRUIT: cleansing.
JUNIPER BERRY: protection from accidents, harm, theft, exorcism, love.
LAVENDER: sleep, logevity, peace, wishes, protection, love, purification, visions, clarity of thought, attraction.
LEMON: love, friendship, purification.
LEMONGRASS: love potions, aphrodisiac, fertility, psychic powers.
LIME: sleep, protection, love.
MARJORAM: protection, love, healing, wealth.
MUGWORT: clairvoyence, psychic dreaming, astral projection, protection.
MYRRH: peace, protection, purification, meditation, exorcism, healing.
NETTLE: protection, healing, courage, exorcism, lust.
NUTMEG: clairvoyence, prosperity, fidelity, health.
OAK MOSS: virility.
ORANGE SWEET: love, beauty, prosperity.
PARSLEY: protection, purification.
PATCHOULI: money, fertility, passion, new business.
PENNYROYAL: strength, protection, peace.
PEPPER: banishing, protection, jealousy, courage.
PEPPERMINT: healing, purification, sleep, love.
PERU BALSAM: hex breaking, exorcism, healing, prosperity, visions.
PINE SEA: fertility, prosperity, protection.
ROSEMARY: love, lust, improve memory, sleep, purification, youth, power, healing, protection, intellect.
SAGE: immortality, longevity, protection, wisdom, wishes.
SAGE DALMATION: wisdom, purification.
SPEARMINT: healing.
TANGERINE: luck, love, divination, money.
TEA TREE: healing.
THYME: sleep, psychic energy, courage, healing, purification, ward off negativity.
TERMERIC: purification.
VALERIN: protection, love, sleep, purification.
VERVAIN: love, protection, purification, peace, money, youth, chastity, sleep, healing.
VETIVER: luck, love, money.
WINTERGREEN: protection, hex breaking, healing.
WORMWOOD: psychic powers, protection, love, calling spirits, Magick (wild card).
YLANG YLANG: love, sex, oppurtunity, peace.